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Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself here.  Let us know a little bit about you and how BlueSky Meeting Solution makes your life easier.

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My Name is Bruce Clingan, and I am the Chief Operating Officer of LightSky, BlueSky's parent company.  I'm not just a BlueSky employee though I am a BlueSky user.  As the Founder and President of the Board of Directors of Curl Troy, a Non-Profit Curling Club in Ohio, I use BlueSky to organize and maintain our board and other committee meetings.  We use a couple of groups at the moment, one for our board and a simple one for an event committee.  As we grow and add committees we add another meeting group because having all of our board and organizational information in one place is a lifesaver for us.  

What does this mean to you though?  It means I am passionate about BlueSky.  Not only am I here to help you get started and get the most from BlueSky I am an active user that understands what our users are working with every day.  This means that with BlueSky you have an active user in the decision-making process for upgrades and new feature selection by our team.  

We definitely value your opinion and want to know what ideas you bring to the table.  Use our idea portal at to tell us what you want to get from Bluesky.

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