Meeting Groups are at the heart of BlueSky Meeting Solution.  They are the basis for every meeting that you want to hold in BlueSky.  Think of meeting groups as groups of people that hold meetings together.  If you are a school, you may have a meeting group for your school board, and meeting groups for your departments in the district.  If you are a non-profit, you may have a meeting group for your board of directors, and other groups for your planning committees.  For each unique group of people who meet, you will want a unique meeting group.  

Two types of meeting groups exist.  The Basic Meeting Group is perfect for a simple meeting where you want to create an agenda and allow users to take notes.  Simple permissions will allow you to delegate note taking and agenda creation to different users in the group.  While simple meetings allow for action items for each agenda item, there is no voting record, and agendas and minutes are not able to be made publicly viewable.  Likewise, Board Meeting Groups contain all the features of the basic meeting group, but add the ability to approve agendas and minutes for public viewing, recorded voting for action items during the meeting, and a more complex set of permissions for delegating tasks related to the meeting.  

Once you have decided which meeting group type is best for you creating a new group is simple.  Creating Meeting Groups must be completed from your administrator account, so after logging in as an administrator:

  1. Click on the Meeting Groups option in the upper left-hand corner
  2. Click on New Meeting Group
  3. Select the type of Meeting Group you would like to add
  4. Confirm billing changes
  5. Name your Meeting Group and provide basic details for the group (you can always edit this later)
  6. Select users to add to your meeting group or invite new users (you can always add more later)
  7. You're now ready to create your first meeting.